What is the job of Commissioners of Oaths?

A Commissioner of Oaths is to administer oaths whereby a person signs a document under oath and the document is to be used in Singapore. This includes affirmation of affidavits or the evidence in question to be used in Singapore court or the statutory documents to be taken or received in Singapore. The Commissioner of Oaths takes care that the person standing before him/her has thoroughly read the document and is fully acquainted with the contents of thereof.

The charges payable to Commissioner for Oaths are also prescribed by the Board.

Oath, Affirmation, Affidavit and Statutory Declaration: A glance at their meanings

Oath: A swear or a vow on the subject of truth of statements or facts provided by the maker of oath.

Affirmation: It has almost same legal power as the oaths made by persons of different religions, like Hindu, Muslim or any other and is with respect to the oaths.

Affidavit: It is a written sworn statement or information of facts that is drafted by the deponent.

Statutory Declaration: It is the statement drafted to establish an entity or any statement to be true for the purpose of satisfying any legal proceedings or requirements. These statements are not vowed or sworn.

Why may one require the services of Commissioner of Oath and affirmations in Singapore?


The requirement of a Commissioner of Oath and affirmations may be required because of the following reasons:
1. If you are giving evidence or proof on the affidavit for any court or legal proceeding in Singapore.
2. If you are constituting a declaration, affirmations, examination, attestation or acknowledgement to be required for the purpose of registering the documents or for the purpose of the court proceedings.

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